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Clark Adams, The Man Behind the Company

Clark Adams

When someone calls Clark Adams and describes the windows in their home, very often Clark can tell them where they live. A South Bay native, Adams grew up in some of the very homes of clients requesting window and door upgrades. "The familiarity I've gained with the homes in this area as a youngster growing up here, and then revisiting these homes again over a 20-year professional career, has given me a unique advantage," Adams says. Certainly, twenty years experience in any field offers advantages that few competitors can match, but with Adams, these homes bring back childhood memories and are akin to members of the family. "I used to watch subdivisions being graded and houses built, and now, a generation later, we are replacing those very same windows and doors."

In 1980 Adams received his contractor's license after having fulfilled the requirements of the trade. In the early 1980s a plethora of construction was taking place in the South Bay and Adams had a hard time finding reliable subcontractors. "Because they were in such great demand, they answered to no one." Adams recalls, "I had a hard time trying to convince my clients that I was reliable when my subs-contractors were not!" Frustrated with a situation he couldn't control, in early 1981 Adams created his own niche as a replacement window contractor. "This trade was so new, there really wasn't much activity then. But something my small staff and I could completely handle."

Focusing on just replacement windows and doors, Adams pioneered the process of retrofitting windows into existing openings without damaging the surrounding stucco. It was a niche that no other South Bay contractor had targeted.

Today, Adams is recognized by national window and door manufacturers as an authority on installation. His replacement methods are virtually undetectable as stucco, plaster, moldings, wallpaper, tile, and paint are left untouched when his company installs new windows and doors. He is regularly asked by manufacturers to give installation seminars to other contractors. Adams has even appeared on an installation training video which is produced by Milgard Manufacturing and distributed to dealers on the West Coast.

In his Torrance showroom, Adams proudly displays the dozens of customer testimonial letters, industry awards, and certifications. Adams realizes it's a team effort from everyone at Clark Adams Co. and he praises his installers when their name is mentioned in a testimonial letter. "Our installers have a vested interest in our company because they are employees and not subcontractors. Any one of our installers can drive just a few miles in the South Bay and point to a home they improved." With over 5,000 customers in the South Bay and Westside it is hard for Adams to find a street untouched by his efforts.

For a free in-home estimate and a free video on window and door replacement call (310) 214-2222 or visit one of their showrooms at 2411Artesia Blvd. in Redondo Beach or 23841 Hawthorne Blvd. in Torrance. Showroom hours are Monday thru Friday 9am-6pm or Saturday 10am-4pm.

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