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Clark Adams Co. Windows & Doors 15 Step Installation Process

After an order has been placed, Clark Adams Co. begins a 15 step process designed to ensure a perfect job.

  1. A follow up visit with the client is made by a production manager who reviews all aspects of the project. Precise measurements are taken and any unique conditions are noted. After this on-site conference, the custom windows and doors are ordered.

  2. On the day installation begins, the first thing done is the placing of dropcloths in the work areas and the moving of furniture and other obstacles.

  3. The old windows are carefully and neatly removed.

  4. With the old window out, the opening is inspected, cleaned, and prepared for the new window.

  5. The new window is placed in the opening, centered, aligned, and securely fastened in the opening.

  6. Insulating foam is injected where new window frame connects with old aluminum frame.

  7. A review of special conditions is made and measurements are taken for the exterior trim application.

  8. Application of exterior trim underlayment.

  9. Apply vinyl coated capsheet over underlayment to exact dimension required for leakproof and attractive installation.

  10. Apply interior vinyl trim as required to cover old frame and create a clean interior appearance.

  11. Caulk and seal all joints, using 3 different types of advanced sealants. Each sealant is designed for it's particular application.

  12. Remove all stickers from the windows, clean the glass, lubricate the moving parts, and set all screens.

  13. Load and haul away all old windows and related debris. Clean up interior and exterior work areas.

  14. Re-hang any window coverings that were removed by us. Move back any furniture that we relocated.

  15. Crew leader reviews with client window and door operation and answers any questions.

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