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Clark Adams Co. Windows and Doors offers a wide selection of replacement window products that allow you to change the style and look of your home without creating a large remodeling project. Our 15 step proprietary installation method insures that your job is done right the first time.

The Best Selection In The State

Because Clark Adams Co. offers an extensive selection of window and door manufacturers, you can choose from hundreds of styles from Single or Double Hung Windows, Casement Windows, and Fixed Windows. Our professionals can help you find the window that best fits your lifestyle and your budget without compromising on quality. Best of all, you can count on Clark Adams. Co. Windows and Doors for a superior installation — on time and without the mess. Click here to see our work.

Your Imagination Is The Only Limit

Before you simply replace your windows and doors with more of the same, consider the many options available today. At Clark Adams Co., our professionals will come to your home, measure your existing windows and doors, offer design ideas, and provide a complete consultation that will address any and all of your particular challenges or requirements. With such a wide selection to choose from, you have the opportunity to combine 21st century technology with your own personal style.




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Bay and Bow windows add great curb appeal to a home and give the appearance of additional interior space. In addition to adding value and charm to the exterior of your home, Bays and Bows are energy efficient and create a whole new look to any room they grace. They provide functional areas to decorate around and convenient places for seasonal accents in you home. Living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms and kitchens are dramatically transformed in one day. Click here to see our work.

Replacement Doors

There are three types of entry doors available: wood, steel and fiberglass. Each style can be customized to your liking with a wide variety of decorative glass treatments and hardware options. There is almost no limit to the number of styles available.

Wood Doors: These are the traditional entry doors. Different species of exotic woods allow for some exciting staining options. Nothing says "Welcome Home" like a richly stained oak door system.

Steel Doors: A relative newcomer to the West Coast, steel skinned doors can save big money over expensive hardwood doors when a painted door is desired. These doors have a layer of galvanized steel that is embossed and formed over a solid insulating core. They also have 20 year warranties and are virtually indestructible since they don't warp, or crack like wood. They also provide a greater level of security than traditional wood doors. Many homeowners favor steel doors because they require much less maintenance than wood doors. With a wide variety of decorative glass options, a painted steel door makes a great impersonation of a painted wood door and creates quite a design statement.

Fiberglass Doors: This is most likely the best overall value when comparing the quality, appearance, warranty, durability, maintenance requirements and styles. Fiberglass doors are embossed with a wood grain to accept stains like traditional oak doors. However, whether painted or stained, the fiberglass door is almost impossible to distinguish from a wood door. In addition, a fiberglass door won't warp, peel, split, or crack, and will not dent like a steel door. Also, fiberglass doors can be customized with many decorative glass options and hardware choices to create the entry door of your dreams. All this with a 30 year warranty and a price much less than a comparable wood entry door system.

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